The rural beauty and native wildlife of the Vista area is being threatened

by the elimination of open spaces as a result of population growth.

Private land conservation is extremely cost effective, but it is not free.

Community participation is not only a measure of our success, but an

essential ingredient for long term conservation.

The Land:

Land Needing Protection

The types of land which The Vista Conservancy seeks to protect include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lands that contain endangered, threatened, or rare species
  • Lands which are natural habitat
  • Lands that contain or have the potential to contain ecosystems of educational or scientific value
  • Lands of agricultural significance
  • Wetlands, floodplains and other riparian areas, including adjacent buffer lands, for the protection of water quality
  • Lands of historical value
  • Lands which have the potential to be a part of the community, regional or state park green belts/trail systems
  • Lands that contain unique or outstanding physical characteristics (e.g. rock outcroppings)
  • Lands that contain unique stands of mature vegetation