The Vista Conservancy 
Formation History

The Conservancy formed in 1998 with the assistance of Wallace Tucker who was instrumental in the creation of the Fallbrook Conservancy. Numerous meetings were held with interested community members and the Developer of Creekside Terrace, Mr. Frank Villeli. Ultimately, Mr. Frank Villeli conveyed the 3 acres to a newly formed non profit cooperation named The Vista Conservancy. After Creekside Terrace developed into 45 residential lots, a 12 foot wide decomposed granite trail connected Capri Drive to the Sycamore Creek Mobile Home Park, a distance of 1500 feet along the Buena Vista Creek woodlands.

Original incorporating members of the Conservancy were:

  • Mr. Jim Porter, Vista Parks Director
  • Mr. David Larkin, Attorney at Law
  • Mr. Frank Villeli , Land Donor
  • Margarette Morgan, Vista Resident
  • Brooks Cavanaugh , Vista Land Planner

Board of Directors

Brooks Cavanaugh

Stephanie Cavanaugh

Aaron Davila

Jesselyn Gulla

Michael Koger

The Land:

Land Needing Protection

The types of land which the Vista Conservancy seeks to protect include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lands that contain endangered, threatened, or rare species
  • Lands which are natural habitat
  • Lands that contain or have the potential to contain ecosystems of educational or scientific value
  • Lands of agricultural significance
  • Wetlands, floodplains and other riparian areas, including adjacent buffer lands, for the protection of water quality
  • Lands of historical value
  • Lands which have the potential to be a part of the community, regional or state park green belts/trail systems
  • Lands that contain unique or outstanding physical characteristics (e.g. rock outcroppings)
  • Lands that contain unique stands of mature vegetation

Ways To Protect Lands:

As a non-profit and tax-exempt organization, the Vista Conservancy is capable of receiving environmentally sensitive lands for protection and long-term preservation. The Conservancy was formed to acquire, protect and manage the natural resources in a manner beneficial for the current and future community inhabitants. After all, the original community of Vista was formed around streams, ponds, creeks, and open space. These characteristics have helped form the character of the community and we hope to keep that rural character intact.


How Can You Make a Difference:

The Conservancy relies on membership fees, cash donations, and gifts to maintain its present land assets. Even with volunteers working each year along the Buena Vista Creek Trail is takes another $3,000- $4,000 for outside repair, weed abatement and maintenance. We are seeking donations in any form from all who want to keep Vista beautiful. The Conservancy is waiting for the completion of another 2000 feet of walking trail along the creek connecting Brengle Terrace Park to the present trail. When completed, our financial obligations shall increase for maintenance and up keep. Consider donating funds for a specific purpose and in memory of loved ones. Only we living here today will make the difference for tomorrow.